AM Writing Tips ~ Stop Self Editing

My alarm kicks on at 4:45 in the morning, but I don’t have the luxury of reaching from beneath the cozy comforts of my three comforters and pressing the snooze button. For one, I am crunched for time as soon as I wake. And two, my alarm clock is internal, so once I am awake, I am awake. The house is usually silent at this time, maybe my dog Lightning is stirring a paw through his bowl for an early morning snack, but that is about it. These quiet mornings, for me and for the legions of writers around the world, are the perfect times to fire up the laptop and start writing.

This scene sounds so magical and inspirational, but there is one problem. And it can be a major problem. At this point in my life, I am lucky enough to have a real job and as of yet don’t have to support myself on writing alone. Someday, but until that magical day when the paths of luck meets hard work, I have a fulltime job. And when I wake  up, the clock is ticking to get that workday started. So how does a writer who is crunched for time maximize every second of his AM writing time? Killing your impulse to self edit is one of the best things you can do.

She stood at the cliff’s edge surveying the land that would became her own at the conclusion of the greatest war men had ever know. The silver mane of hair blew gently to the side; an peculiar site indeed because, there was no wind. On the valley floor below, the armies of the silver haird queen stood tall and ready to face the horde of horror on the opposite side of the battlefield.

Ok. So the paragraph above was written as fast as I could and there are some obvious spelling and grammatical errors. And that is a good thing! Had this been an excerpt from an AM writing session, I could knock  out paragraph after paragraph in the short hour that I have to write. I write and fight the urge to hit that delete button or stop and see if everything makes sense. I just want to free write and let the muses provide the inspiration. Never ever do set aside AM writing for final drafts, proof reading, plotting are anything technical. Those require self editing and attention to detail and in the morning hours, i just want to write. I can do the dirty work and painstaking stuff later.

So my fellow writers, if you too are going to join the legions of early morning writers, give this strategy a shot. Free write for that hour or two, or three. Let your mind flow and resist that urge to edit as you go. have at it. And Write On~









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