Where do you get your inspiration?

whistler peak


Where do you get your story ideas? What inspired that story about the middle-aged accountant turned outlaw biker? I’m asked these questions by readers and writers all of the time. For creative types, I think the sources for ideas and inspiration are as infinite as the number of stars in the sky. We find it within images in clouds. They hit us while reading blogs, watching Sports Center, and even in the taste of burnt toast. But I personally get inspiration from the act of living my life to the fullest.

Here’s an example. My fingers are banging across the keyboard as i create this post while sitting at an oak table in a cozy rented condo. I’m on vacation in a lovely resort high up in mountains of British Columbia; I love Whistler. And after only being here 24 hrs, my mind is filled with the idea for 3 stories.

I’m amazed at the number of countries represented here. French people, Germans, Canadians, and Australians! There are singles and couples, small families and large ones. There are couples walking hand in hand while parents chase tiny kids across the stone walkways. I was almost run over by a beautiful tanned woman with dark shades, as she ran a light. And I wasn’t even mad because her Lamborghini was so cool! Yup, there’s a story in there somewhere. Later on, I bought a ticket to ride the gondola up the ski slopes. From the safety of the carriage, i saw a family of brown bears and was awesome. To my shock, a pair of mt bikers flew down the trail and they were headed straight for the bears! I never saw what happened because the slow-moving carriage continued up the mountain and before i could see the meeting of bears and bikers.  But yup, there is a story in there somewhere!

So if you are a writer struggling for ideas and inspiration, just get out there and live! Go for a walk, a bus ride, a drive. Meet people, observe, have lunch.  Open your eyes and your heart and let the ideas and inspiration hit you.

Write on ~


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