The good in bad books

Have you ever read a book that was so bad you cringed with each turn of the page? You dread picking it up and force yourself to finish the thing because you’ve invested so much time in it already? I just finished reading one of the worst books I’ve ever come across. This particular genre, urban fiction – street lit, is often plagued by poor books and editing. And that’s too bad, because the urban setting can make for some great characters and conflicts. But here’s the thing that I have noticed, there can be a lot of good in reading bad books.

B Movies. We all have seen them. Some are good and some are just bad! The Toxic Avenger is one of the most successful B movies of all time, and trust me, it isn’t because of the acting. People download that movie knowing that it is going to be ridiculous and that has a ridiculous amount of entertainment value.I think the same is true with books.

You may come across a book that has been given 2 stars, or been trashed up and down the web. You might be in the middle of a book that screams with errors and clichés. Try shifting your focus, You wouldn’t walk into an Arnold Schwarzenegger film expecting to see a Best Picture so why read certain books with the hopes of stumbling across the next major award winner? Here are some quotes from some of my favorite “bad” books.

“If you show me a lady, I’ll show you a gentleman; show me a bitch, and I’ll show you a G.” -Section 8

“When you live in the jungle you have to live by its rules; the strong get to make it to tomorrow while the weak become food.” – The Leak

“Go ahead, nigga,” Jah said, aiming the pistol at the cabdriver’s face. “You got some frog in you?” – Hood Rat

“That was for Pootie!” – Spicy

Imagine the scenes and plots that surround these gems. I can’t help but chuckle just a little. Sometimes, like a good B movie, you just have to relax and take of the critic hat for a minute and be entertained.

~Read on. Damian




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