What The Watt(pad)???!!!

I’ve finally bit the bullet and joined the Wattpad community. For those that don’t know, Wattpad is an app that brings readers and writers together. Some people love it, many hate it. My thoughts, well…

The detractors hate the app because of its ease of access; anybody can write a work and post it, regardless of position or level of talent. And, that leads to a lot of terrible writing. So they say. Personally, i think that ease of entry is the greatest thing about the app.

Writers can publish their works one chapter at a time as often as they like. Yes, there’s a ton of “bad” writing. But so what? There’s plenty of good stuff too. Just skip on and find something you like. The app isn’t about finding the next Jane Austen. Wattpad is simply a great way to bring readers and writers together. So read on, and let me tell you a little about my newest project.

The Inked Maiden

I’ve created a project called The Inked Maiden, a collection of poems that will be updated every week for a couple of months. Hopefully I will connect with some new readers and continue to build and grow within a community of readers and writers. And I will journal my experiences here on the blog. Join me and enjoy. And let me know your thoughts and experiences when it comes to wattpad.

~Write on


5 thoughts on “What The Watt(pad)???!!!

  1. I love it, been on for years now and I have exprienced the bad writers, plagiarist, and even good writers who are know publishing their books. I even experienced Anna Todd before “After” became such a hit. I’ve started my own series of bad writing as well lol, hope you enjoy it as much as I have


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