Dear Diary…

My older sister used to lock herself in her room and write in her diary every single day. The secret crushes and the hated rivals of her teenage years were detailed within the pages of a small leather book, secured in a secret hiding spot and locked with a tiny key. And, as her younger brother, it was my job, my duty, to spend countless hours searching for that diary and unlocking the secrets within. The power of a diary should be used by writers too.


My diary, actually, it’s a journal, is so valuable to my writing. Journaling helps keep ideas organized and helps with the scheduling of blog posts and goal setting. Check out Clark Danger’s ultimate guide for journaling if you are new to keeping a journal or are looking for new ways to organize yours.  What I like about his style is how he sets his up using various sections vs the traditional daily log entry style. For example, my journal is split into four sections.  One for blog post ideas. One for notes from writing books and articles I’ve read. Another for favorite scenes from fiction, and one last one for my own fiction sketches. Once I discovered this way of keeping a journal, my thoughts and writing became more clear and focused.

Check out Clark’s videos and try keeping a writing journal for a few weeks. I’d  almost bet cash money that your writing will become stronger as well. And, if you have journaling tips and ideas for us, please share away!

~Write On


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