What do you say to yourself?

Have you ever been in a restaurant, bar, bus or train, and witnessed a couple in a passionate argument. That can be awkward. Especially if there is brutal verbal abuse being thrown around as if it was nothing. Not one for confrontation, these scenes make my skin crawl. Now, imagine if someone was sitting next to you while on the train and they could here your innermost thoughts, and how you talk to yourself. Especially how you speak to yourself about your writing. Cringing yet?

How many times have you compared yourself to popular writers of today and yesteryear only to arrive at the conclusion that your writing, sucks? Maybe you’ve been in a battle with writer’s block and told the writer within that real writers don’t go through these struggles, Or maybe you’ve sat down to edit a draft after a long day at your “real job” and lamented how you will never be good enough to earn a living writing full time, and you should just give up now?

This brutal self talk does absolutely nothing positive for us as writers. Trust me, there are plenty of people in the world ready to rip your dreams and self esteem apart as quickly as they can. Don’t help them. Fortify your mind against negative self talk. Find ways to uplift yourself and focus on the good things about your writing style. Take note of your short comings, but don’t focus on all that negativity. You are a bad ass writing machine!

~Write On



2 thoughts on “What do you say to yourself?

  1. Nice to read such a positive post. You’re right there are lots of people (especially on the internet) who will gleefully trash your work. Staying positive can be hard but I suppose that’s one of the skills we have to learn as writers.


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