Burn The Ships!

In 1519 Captain Hernan Cortes landed on off the coast of Veracruz and began his great conquest. He turned to his crew and ordered the burning of his own fleet. Wait what? How were they supposed to retreat if the conquest went wrong? What was the backup plan in case they faced defeat. Simple. There was none. Cortes and crew were to succeed in their great conquest or die trying; there was no plan B. How’s that for motivation?

Are we hiding behind our own ships, safety nets that hang in the back of our mind in case we don’t realize our goals and dreams? Those ships can manifest in the form of “real jobs”, spouses, and even reading groups. “I don’t worry to much about my writing because i have real job.” Or, “No need to publish because I have all the readers I need. My friends and family” Both of those are great to have but they can limit our growth as writers. There is no need to push ourselves and get better because those ships are waiting for us as soon as we fail. We writers need to burn those ships!

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you should quit your day job. Definitely don’t do something reckless. What you should do is change hat mindset. Don’t let that job be a crutch, a mental barrier, a ship to fall back on. That job is a job, an important job, but so is your writing. You may not be making as much from writing as you do with the real job, but writing is your job too!

Let’s commit to changing our mindset; right now we are burning those ships and pressing forward to meet our dreams and goals. Victory is ours! We just don’t know it yet…

~ Write On


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