Where do you get your ideas? And a Free Short Story!

We writers are constantly asked where we get our ideas. Readers and other writers want to know and I’m sure you get asked as often as I do. I’ve answering this question and learning how other writers get their ideas, so I’m going to dedicate a few posts to where I get my ideas. First up, music!

I love music, especially old school rap and hip hop. And I am old enough to remember when MTV played music videos all day everyday. Many moons ago! Some of those hip hop songs and their videos in the late 80’s to early 90’s have some of the best storytelling I’ve come across. Kool G Rap had a song called On the Run which was deep and dynamic. I wore the tape out listening to that song on the way to school back in the day. And, I even used the them to write one of my early short stories. You can see the video here, but beware, the lyrics are over the top and slightly vulgar. For those of you who’d rather not listen, the song is about a mob flunky who gets tired of living the low life and hatches a get rich scheme and break away from his bosses. And, here is my short story which was inspired by  Kool G Rap’s song.

I took the premise and asked, who is this guy? Who is his girlfriend? Why do they do what they do and what are the consequences of their decisions to get out.

So there you have it.  Find inspiration and ideas for you stories in the music you listen to. Ask the who, what, where, and why questions and see what happens.


~Write On


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