My Wattpad stories

I’ve joined the mass of writers posting stories on wattpad! It’s where all the cool writers hang out, right? Maybe, maybe not. But there’s no denying that this site is a phenomenon bringing readers and writers together. They’re thousands of readers and writes from around the globe together investors have taken notice by dropping millions of funding dollars into the site’s hands..

You need a free account to read the stories and there is an app, which is great because you can read the stories anywhere. My favorite feature is the ability to interact with readers and writers through comments. Many writers solicit ideas from their readers; they take stories in the direction the readers want them to go. The community aspect of wattpad is amazing and i can’t wait to interact with readers when the read two of my stories.

Chasing Asia is about two small town teens who are navigating friendship, love, and being outcasts in a town that doesn’t want or understand them. I love the characters and what how they handle the curveballs life pitches their way.




Cousin Scooby. These stories follow a small time thug who keeps her crew in check through intimidation and strength. This chick is not to be messed with! But, thugs need love too, right?



Pro and amateur writers are publishing every day, usually a chapter at a time. And that’s my plan too. As a short story writer, the platform is perfect because I can organize my stories into parts and let the characters develop over the course of however many stories it takes. I love it! Now, how do I get people to find my work within the tidal wave of stories and writers? I have no idea. But I’ll write about it as i figure that part out!


~Write On



3 thoughts on “My Wattpad stories

      1. I’ve been writing on there for almost three years, and while Wattpad does offer a lot for writers, they are clearly focused on only popular stories. My best advice to focus on writing your story and then join wattpad. It’s easier to get a readership with completed works than WIP. Also, the website is full of drama, so much drama that I’m taking a break from it. Most of the users there are very defensive and get angry when you don’t agree with them.


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