Cousin Scooby ~Short story

Since my last post about free stories on Wattpad, I’ve received emails asking if I’d post some stories outside of wattpad. Absolutely! Not everyone wants to add yet another app to their phones, especially one that targets a specific demographic. Even I was skeptical and probably wouldn’t have signed up if not for a swift kick from a mentor. Adding the stories to this site is a great idea so starting today, I will post drafts of those short stories as well. If you haven’t followed or subscribed to this blog yet, be sure to do it today and don’t miss a single update or short story!

Cousin Scooby is an ongoing collection of short stories about a young urban hoodlum, trying to make her own way through a dark world. Note- these short stories are meant to be read in one sitting; they may take you 15 min or less to read. And if you feel like it, add your thoughts in the comment section or send me an email. Feedback is fantastic because I want to grow this community and grow as a writer of short fiction. Maybe we’ll get do some collaborations with subscribers too. Enjoy.



~ Write On




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