Black Death

It’s my own fault. I’ve been cranking out story after story on a ten-year old laptop with pretty strict consistency. The last time I checked, there were fifty short stories in my 2012 folder alone. Most of them are terrible first drafts, but that’s still an achievement to be proud of. I love looking back at old works and comparing them to my recent creations. It’s humbling. And I’ve recently started rewriting and revising some of them in hopes of flexing the creative muscles. But, I messed up big time because other than a few pieces here and there, I never backed up my work, and when I turned on my laptop a few days ago, I saw the dreaded black screen of death.

Let that sink in for a minute. All of that work, all of those memories, locked within a computer that can’t be used. The dudes at Best Buy might be able to recovery some of the data for $100 or so, but that’s big if. I’ve got my fingers crossed. But let this misfortune be a lesson to all of us writers and creative types… BACK YOUR WORK UP

~Write On


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