Short Story Review; You Have Now Entered The World Of…

It’s obvious to everyone that I love short stories. It has been an ongoing love affair since I read The Most Dangerous Game back in middle school. Since then I’ve discovered and enjoyed dozens of short story writers like, Stephen King, John Updike, and Ian Fleming. If you haven’t read Fleming’s James Bond shorts, add them to your list because they are fantastic reads. For the longest time, it seemed like shorts fell out of favor; treated like the red head step child of the literary world. New writers were told to practice their craft on short stories because they are easy. Publishers didn’t produce them all that much. But things seem to be changing because online publishing makes it so much easier to get those works to the public. Writers don’t have to fight for little space in a few magazines here and there. It’s a wonderful time to be a short story writer, and reader, so I’m going to review as many of them as I can for you here on this blog. Let’s start with a new author, independent writer, Sherrod Tunstal’s You Now Have Entered The World Of…

This urban tale follows smart and successful Alicia Shaw and her marriage to a womanizing husband who can’ help himself when it comes to the ladies. There’s a lot to love about this story. It flows flawlessly from scene to scene with smooth transitions that keep you turning the page, and the lead, Alicia Shaw is pleasing to watch. Her husband is the perfect foil and you will hate him; Tunstal does a great job with these characters. Short stories that span multiple days and have multiple settings are tough to write, but this one does it pretty well. It is a predicable story that reads like a Lifetime Movie or and episode of Snapped.

There are a couple of things I didn’t enjoy, and these are very minor. Number one is the price point. $1.99 is a steep price for a piece that can be read in twenty minutes. But, as long as you know what you’re getting, the price shouldn’t scare you off. Another issue for me is the characters. They fit the story very well, but a couple of them seemed flat and predictable, almost cookie cutter. It would have been nice to see more dynamic participants in this work, but again, this is a minor thing. I loved the story and don’t want to be harsh.
The minor flaws, or things I didn’t like, would keep me from recomending You Now Have Entered The World Of… Pick it up and enjoy this solid piece of Urban Fiction.
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