Where have you been??

Wow, it feels like forever and a day since the last time I put fingers to keypad and wrote and entry for this blog. In truth, It has been a few months. Did I fall off the map, suffering from burnout or writer’s block? Maybe the day job took over life so much so that I couldn’t devote any time to blogging. Or, did I retire the pen and pad and pick up a paint brush instead. None of the above. I’m happy to say that this poor blog has been neglected for one very good reason.

Writing is hard work, especially if you have a full-time job and a family. If you’re working on many writing projects, the whole thing can get overwhelming. There’s an article to publish, a blog post to edit, short stories to write, and novels to outline. And dear lord lets not forget about all that research that needs to be done. I’ve been working on my second novel off and on for about six months, and on January 1st, 2017, I decided to buckle down and focus all of my writing efforts on finishing the first draft. I’m proud to announce the beautiful achievement of finishing that 1st draft!  Que the high fives and canned applause!

So that’s where I’ve been and I plan to blog on a regular basis while I rest from said novel, and let those creative juices flow once again.

~Write on!


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