Taking a break (sort of)

Finishing a draft of any size is a notable accomplishment. I don’t care if you just wrote a Shakespearean Sonnet , a piece of flash fiction, or an epic novel. A finished draft is a finished draft. Be proud of the work you’ve created. I know I am! But now that the 1st draft of my novel is complete, I need a break and I can’t start the revision process right away because my mind needs a break from that work; I figure taking a month off will do me some good. But, what to do in the meantime? I’m sure many writers have found themselves in the same boat, paddling through the rocky waters of creativity.

Personally, I can’t take a month off from writing. It’s kind of addiction and my mind would go crazy without flexing the creative muscles, so my plan is to keep writing and blogging. And, just a week into the break, I’ve finished a draft of a new short story! I’ll edit and post it here by the end of the week.

Write. Complete a draft. Put said draft on the shelf. Work on another project, and then return to the first one. That’s the process that works for me.


~Write On



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