The One Thing you need to be a good streamer

Game streaming is a fantastic hobby. I Love it because it gets us gamers together no matter where we are, and it’s easy to get into because you can start a stream with a YouTube or twitch account, game system or PC and a few other pieces of equipment. But once you get going, you may find yourself struggling to find your grove on camera. Well this post is for you. After reading these short article, you will know the only thing you need in order to become a better streamer.
Browse through the top streamer pages on twitch and you’ll find streamers of all  genders and ages gaming in front of hundreds of viewers. Some of these streams have production values that rival low-budget film productions. You’ve got colorful overlays, custom watermarks, green screens or dynamic backgrounds. There are bots that offer in chat games and song selection. And the streamers themselves are full of personality that jumps through the screen and grabs an audience by the throat. All of this can be intimidating to a new streamer; newbies think their channels will never succeed with their lack of technical knowledge or lack of special effects. But really, all you need is, YOU.

Seriously. Don’t worry about all those bells and whistles because they aren’t necessary for great streams. Really, you just need to be your best, authentic, and entertaining self. Take a look at one of my favorite gamers,  Dria Burrito. She averages around 40 viewers per stream and has been going hard almost every day for 6 months. No overlays, no sound effects. It’s just her, her mods, and great game play. She’s a chill gamer who works the chat while she plays. Here’s a video of one of my past streams; its got nothing fancy, just a few characters having a great time.
It’s as simple as that. If you’re new to streaming and feeling uncomfortable or insecure about your lack of technical ability, let it go! Just be your best self, roll the dice and see what happens. You will get better with practice. Just be you.

~press start


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