The Wrestler ~ Writing Process Part 1

Where do you get your inspiration? Where do you come up with ideas for characters and stories? What does your writing process look like? I get these questions from tine to time, and we writers face these dilemmas at various stages of the writing game, so it will be cool to take everyone on a tour of story creation in my world. In these upcoming posts, I will create a short story and outline the steps right here. This will give writers insights and tools to assist with their own works.

The Wrestler. I got the inspiration while sitting by the pool of my Las Vegas hotel over mother’s day weekend. A group of women lounged in the  chairs near me, and I overheard them talking about how they’d ditched one of their friends because she was too bossy and stuck up; not only was she having a horrible time, she was bringing everyone else down. I started asking who is this woman and why is she such a wet blanket, especially in Las Vegas. She knew she was going to party central, so what made her act this way? And, how would she react to getting ditched by her friends? What would the flight look like on the way home? Boom! There’s a story right there.

So let’s start with the character. I started brainstorming and came up with some stats for the main character.

I. Basics

Name: Stacy Yamato
Age: 53
Height: 5’8
Weight: 137 lbs
Hair: Brown

Eyes: brown
Race Human
Culture Japanese American

Location: Mercer WA, lives in a small house on the southwest side of the island. 3 bedroom waterfront house>

II. Friends

Tammy Yeoman

Alicia Barnes
Meghan Amari

III. Sexual orientation

Combine her recent divorce from a cheating husband and the effects of menopause, she doesn’t have strong desires to roll around in the bedroom. She typically is attracted to strong features on a man, especially tight jaw lines, clean cut hair, and she’s turned off by men with tats. Doesn’t like bad boys. She is turned on by intellect, ambition, and success.

Stacy has been with two men; high school sweetheart and then her husband. Her romantic and sexual experiences are pretty basic and standard. In fact, both men have called her boring.

IV. Skills

Her favorite hobby is playing cards, mostly solitaire and poker.
She is a left brained person
Schooling: Mercer Island HS
University of WA for undergrad and MSD in Dentistry

V. Personality:
Stacy is a strong-willed woman with an independent spirit. Although she is opinionated, she doesn’t offer those opinions unless they are solicited. Her views are conservative, socially and politically. This is a contrast to many of her friends because they tend to live more toward the center, if not the left.

She’s considered the mother hen of her group, and sometimes a wet blanket. Despite these would be faults, Stacy is very generous with her time, her friendship, and her money; she’s easily the most giving of her group of friends.

This is only a small sketch; it took about 30 minutes to create. I usually create more stats and flesh characters out a lot more, but this will be enough for this short story. I also have sketches for the supporting characters, but no need to add them here, right now.

We have a good start here and next time will get into the structure and some plot points.

~Write On



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