The Wrestler ~ Short Story Writing Process Part 2 ~ Settings

Welcome back! In our last post, The Wrestler Writing Process Part 1, we explored the writing process beginning with character creation and inspiration. We took those ideas and created our main character, Stacy Yamato, and outlined what the story would be about. In this post we will talk about setting, but before we do that, let’s mention one more thing about character creation. Last time we only created Stacy’s character but feel free to do that for every major or minor character that you please. The longer the story, and the more in-depth the story is, you may have to do more than one character sketch. I’ve done that with the wrestler as well, but there’s no need to outline every single character and post them to this tutorial. Okay, so let’s talk about setting. What tools can we use for inspiration? How important is it to include every little detail of the setting?


Las Vegas is the Setting for our story, The Wrestler. The nice thing about this setting is that we all recognize the name and can draw pictures in our mind of the sights and sounds of this wonderful local. But what if you want more, or the setting you use isn’t so recognizable, you may need a little help. For me, that’s where Pinterest can be a life saver. Take a look at this YouTube video about writers and Pinterest. And I’ve created my own board for The Wrestler. Notice the shots of hotels, and pools and gambling tables? Whenever I get stuck for ideas, I can go to the boards and find something that clicks.


We have two major locations in The Wrestler. The hotel’s pool and the biker bar. Notice my pins and how they focus on those locals? There’s bar furniture, drinks, and some of the people we might see in the bar. There’s inspiration for the pool and everything you’d see in it. I challenge you to peep these pins before you read our story, and then refer back to them once you’re done reading. How many made their way onto our pages? How many got left out?

I’ll show you the opening act in the next post of this series, and we will see how all of this starts to come together. In the meantime, try creating your own board and posting a link to it.


~Write On


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