Green River Road

After spending 40 hours a week driving forklifts, teaching classes, and bouncing from cubical wall to cubical wall, we of the two wheels dream of the moment the weekend hits, because it’s ride time. Sure, a lot of us commute to work but there’s nothing like having that free time to go wherever you want to go. The problem is, as our lives get busier, the weekends don’t always give us the opportunity to log hundreds of miles in the saddle. There are yards to mow, kid’s soccer games to coach, and garages to clean. But you still want to ride, right? The best thing you can do is find a local ride that is quick and satisfying. For me, that is South King County’s Green River Road.


This ride is only 8 miles long but it offers twisting roads and fantastic scenery. The north end of the ride starts in a suburban industrial zone, full of strip malls, a justice center, and dozens of warehouses. But after riding less than a city block, the two lane road dips into a thick green belt that blocks the sun and the annoying hum of city life. The first turn sets the tone for the ride; cruisers will slow and counter steer hard and sport bike riders can drop a knee, but watch out for fallen leaves and the loose gravel that might be left behind by 4×4 driving fishermen who love the area too. Speaking of fishermen, you’ll see them wading the river, depending on the season, as they hunt for salmon.  Take your eyes off of the twisting road for a moment and watch the waters of the Green River as you ride, but beware of miss hit golf balls as you streak past the long par 5 that sits next to the road. And don’t forget to look up. If you’re lucky, you might see one of the bald eagles that nest in the tree tops over the river. Or at least, you’ll see the amazing 277th Street Bridge as it stretches across the river. This ride doesn’t take long at all, and when I have more time, I head further south and ride the twisting turns of the Auburn Black diamond road. Here’s a quick video of an early summer ride.

Do you have a favorite short ride? Tells us about it in the comments below.


Ride On ~


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