Should You Join a Motorcycle Club

So you’ve been riding for a bit now and you’re mostly lone wolfing it, but a couple of friends join the rides whenever you can drag them from the couch or their chores. The occasional poker run has been fun, but if you’re like most of us, 90% of your riding has been a solo affair. And then one day, you are out doing your thing and the roar of ten, twenty, or fifty v twin engines fills your helmet as a club rides past. They look awesome in their  jackets and black vest, patches on display as they maneuver through the twisties in unison. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be one of them? It could be, and here’s why you should join a motorcycle club (MC)

What is an MC? There are so many definitions floating around out there but I will define an MC as a group of people who form a club based around the motorcycling lifestyle Now, there are different levels. I’m not going to discuss the 1% and outlaw clubs sitting on the top of the food chain because I’m not qualified to do so. As for the other 99%, you have traditional clubs that require periods of prospecting and have by laws. You have ridding groups, were it’s all about the love of the road, a model of bike, or an area to ride. Then you have social clubs that are more about gatherings, charity and partying. There is something for everyone out there. If you’re craving the deep bonds of brotherhood or sisterhood, a traditional MC might be for you. Want to ride with other people on the same make and model of bike, and get discounts on gear? Join the Goldwing Club, Riders of Kawasaki, or something similar. Into spreading The Good News or protecting kids from child abuse? There are clubs for you too.

Joining an MC can be a fantastic or dangerous thing. Just do your homework. Research the clubs and associations you are interested in and find something that is a great fit for you. How much time can you commit? Does the club come first or does your family? You need to know these things before wasting their time, or yours. Joining the right club can enhance your life and motorcycle experience, it is the right fit.

If you’re a member of an MC or association, let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Add your advice and tips, and please share your experiences.

~Ride On


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